The Many Ways it just Ain’t the Same

As I sit here and wait for what I know will be an hour, I’ve decided to blog.

Waiting…to wait is to pass time in expectation of some events occuring.

Things I have waited for this week:

  1. A bus or tro tro as we call it here- it arrives but it will not drive until it is full. So A) the driver can make as much money as possible off of his paying patrons and b) because this is a society where crowding is nothing. IT’s nothing to be squished against a portly African queen on one side of you, have her baby plunked onto your lap ( or her goat….I shit you not this has happened), have her arm around you ( for balance) and on your other side have a man…who more than likely has a goat ( and it bleets. This is the kind of stuff I wait for….and then embrace as part of my experience…every day.
  2. Interviews. I jump for joy because someone finally answers my call when I phone ( answering machines literally do not exist here so having someone pick up is a victorious moment. Once that person does pick up we haggle back and forth in our respective languages until I hear something to the effect of ” Fine fine, 2 o clock, next friday ( it’s usually a monday of the week before when I call so that’s my first set of waits), I concur….call to confirm about 3 days later ( and trim my growing beard…), then I show up for a meeting…wait for 2 hours and am usually told….” Oh sorry, he says you need to come tomorrow.” I know what you’e thinking…you’d lose it right? Well….I did some deep yoga breaths the first 7 times this happened….but I have since put my gloves on and when said journalist I am with simply accepts the fact that in his country people can just keep blowing you off I stand up and shout ” NOT ON MY WATCH.” So, lately I have been saying ” Oh you can’t meet? Well maybe the president of you country will explain to me why that is.” And sadly, they believe me because this president will in fact jump at the chance to speak to a Westerner about the many ways his country extolls greatness. I have been pulling some real live ones out of my ass lately: Like: ” Oh, well if you don’t talk to me I’ll have no choice but to , GASP, write news about the fact that your refused comment ( done tons in Canada…not so much here). So….waiting + S.J= Gloves off.
  3. The internet-Now, I wait, I will be waiting for maybe another hour ( That’s if the power doesn’t disconnect as it so often does) while some video I am trying to send to the Toronto Star so that I can maybe show just a GLIMPSE ( A glimpse is all I can manage unless I revert to doing print and sending things that go to Canada with less hassle) of what we are doing over here.

I will wait for this blog to pose now

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”
Carl Sagan

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