Hello Readers.

I am Sarah-Jane, and am about to take a voyage out. I plan on regailing you with tales of my pre-departure but not without an adequate preamble. A few months ago I experienced a change in my life that, I felt, would rip me from the “womb” of everything I thought I knew to be true and into a realm of lost-ness, and abundant hurt that comes when we lose our own sense of ground. I’m not sure how many people knew as I have a habitual tendancy on putting on a happy face which 99.9% of the time is genuine, but in this case, it was me surviving by smiling through loss of ground. “We always have a choice,” Pema Chödrön, a Buddhist monk of much wisdom teaches: “We can let the circumstances of our lives harden us and make us increasingly resentful and afraid, or we can let them soften us and make us kinder. ” While listening to a country song by Darryl Worley have you heard it? It’s called ” Sounds Like Life”, it’s a twangy ditty that tells us everything we already know ( like most country it draws out human behaviour better than Freud or Plato ever could have). As I drove down the road wallowing I realized that since the dawning of time people have experienced immense hurt and adversity and I had NOTHING to continue being down, down , down about. Chodron teaches that this wisdom is always within us but we block it with habitual patterns rooted in fear,” Beyond that fear lies a state of openheartedness and tenderness,” she says. I decided to revive some of my basic goodness and survive. I have re- awakened to the basic goodness of others and connected myself to it, not that which is counterintuitive to me ( NEGATIVITY consider yourself drop kicked for now….I’ll speak to you again and again but you’re dead to me).

Thus ends the preamble.

None of the preamble suggests I have gone through some massive change….I haven’t at all and anyone that knows me will tell you that. But it did influence my decision to use my journalism ( which I jost with on a day today basis), for, what I feel is positive change. So, off I go to Africa to act as a trainer at a West African TV outlet

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