Sarah-Jane was the perfect doula for our family.

My husband and I braved the birth of our first child alone, and I think we both felt a little lost. We decided to hire a doula the second time around, and we clicked with Sarah-Jane right away. She easily sensed what was important to us and helped with abolutely everything – from planning our home birth, to bringing and setting up the birth pool, all the way through to checking on us postpartum and bringing delicious, healthful meals after our daughter was born.

Her presence during labour was amazing – she happily chatted with us to keep things light when that was the right thing to do, she stayed silent when we needed that too. She made sure my husband and I were fed and watered, she brought homeopathic remedies to assist with labour and with afterpains, provided physical support, and when all I wanted was to run from my labour, she had exactly the words I needed to hear to face it and keep doing the work I needed to do to bring my daughter earthside.

When you meet SJ, you’ll feel it immediately – she lives and breathes birth. I don’t know for sure if another baby is in the future for us, but if it is – I would never do it without her again.

- Anna Murphy

Posted 3/3/2015

Sarah-Jane is an absolute angel. From our first meeting, my husband and immediately felt comfortable with her and knew that we wanted her at our birth. During my pregnancy she had a wealth of information to share and she put me at ease with her cheerfulness and sense of humor. When I went into labour 10 days early she sprung into action. She came over to our house early in the morning directly from another birth that she had been at all night and sprung into action. She helped me to relax in my breathing, took us for a refreshing walk, and helped us to get a little rest at home before heading to the hospital. Once at the hospital she was there massaging me, squeezing my hips, putting cold peppermint compresses on my neck, holding my hand, and reminding me of my visualizations. She helped to keep me as relaxed and grounded as possible throughout my labour. I know my husband really appreciated not having to worry about anything like timing contractions. He was able to stay with me and enjoy the experience while Sarah-Jane kept her level head throughout. In the days following the delivery, she was available to answer all my breastfeeding questions and her burritos and bliss balls were amazing.

Throughout my labour and delivery I felt a sense of calm, confidence, and joy. I know Sarah-Jane’s presence there was a big part of that. Sarah-Jane is a gifted and passionate doula and a remarkable, compassionate woman. She is exactly what we needed and I’m looking forward to my next pregnancy so I can do it again with her!

- Shannon Schubert
Posted 10/31/2014

We decided to hire a doula to support us at the birth of our first child and we were blessed with Sarah-Jane. She was everything we hoped for and more. She truly felt like a part of our family and never left our side. We appreciated her ability to know what we needed even before we did, both during the birth and postpartum. She has a very relaxed and patient personality. She is very knowledgeable and was always open to answering any questions we had. Sarah-Jane gave us the confidence and support for us to stay at home as long as possible, along with our midwife, before heading to the hospital. She also helped us through our challenges at the start of breastfeeding. The care she provides is genuine and she does it with a warm smile. We highly recommend Sarah-Jane as a doula and would definitely use her services in future.

Thank you so much Sarah-Jane.
- Satnam Sidhu

“Sarah-Jane was like super-woman for me when I went into labour! Not only did she step up to be my doula with no notice other than seeing me run into the hospital while she was giving a tour, but she aided me to return to my self during the active labour, reminding me of the power of breath and that I could do it. She kept me cool, hydrated and as calm as could be with a very fast and premature delivery, brought me great food and essentials the next morning, and was an absolute doll in supporting me when I had questions or concerns with breastfeeding and self care after baby Adrien was born. Ladies, you are in good hands with SJ!”
- Heather Fedchuk

“Sarah Jane was an incredible addition to our birthing team. We had such a positive experience. From her initial visits she was full of great advice, knowledge and expertise. As a yoga instructor and lactaction specialist she had tons of insight and ideas for us to try in prenatal, during labour, and post partum. She is such a loving, kind, enthusiastic spirit and it feels like we’ve known her for years rather than weeks. Her presence alone made me feel comfortable and confident in my ability to give birth. She helped me during contractions by squeezing my hips, using acupressure, encouraging me and helping my husband feel empowered to help me. She captured the birth on camera and along with her written birth story, we now have a wonderful documentation of our first born child. She visited us many times both in hospital and at home, bringing us homemade burritos and homeopathic remedies. She had been a fabulous resource postpartum and is always available to answer questions, offer resources and give helpful advice. I trust her completely and am so thankful to have had the opportunity to share this experience together.”
- Brooke Cray

“Sarah-Jane Steele,
What can I say.  After extensive research on Doula’s and recommendations from other mothers we chose Sarah-Jane.  I was unsure about the cost and usefulness at first but she proved to be a wonderful asset.  I really don’t know what i would have done without her.
Leading up to the birth she was a plethora of information, during the birth she was instantly there, it was a 51.5 hour labor and she was there for all of it.  I would have been lost without her.  Her knowledge and skill set was indispensable.  She knew what to do, and when to make the calls.
After the birth she did not just disappear either.  She was available for calls, lots of calls, about feeding, rashes, etc.  She followed up with many visits and delicious meals on occasion as well which was a huge help.
Again it was my wife’s first birth and a home birth and i can’t say it enough, she was fantastic.  Worth triple her very tiny fee and just a joy to have around and talk too.  I recomend her as high as i can.
My email is attached and if you have any hesitations just email me and i would be happy to talk her up some more.
Thank you again Sarah-Jane from Me, my wife and my little girl. :)”
- Jim Harker

“Sarah-Jane was a very fortuitous encounter for us. I was in contact with her very early in my pregnancy to ask about yoga and other services. She became my prenatal yoga teacher throughout my pregnancy, often making great personal effort and sacrifice to ensure I was cared for and thriving. Sarah-Jane became our doula shortly thereafter and I immediately felt very confident and lucky to have her on our birth team. Sarah-Jane is a deeply compassionate, loving, knowledgeable and amazing person, doula and friend. I was lucky enough to have a perfect, healthy homebirth and I absolutely credit Sarah-Jane for being a crucial person in making that a reality. I am forever grateful to her for helping me bring a healthy, beautiful little boy into this world. If you are fortunate enough to become a client of Sarah-Jane’s, you will not only never regret that decision; but your pregnancy, labour & delivery and memories of that day will forever be changed for the better with her by your side.”
- Kristen Voghell

“If not for Sarah-Jane, I would not have had the natural birth experience I did. Through conversations before the birth, I became aware that it was possible to have a positive and natural labour and birth by using relaxation methods and preparing my body through exercises such as yoga and strength training. With the help of Sarah-Jane, I learned how to use breathing and relaxation techiniques to get through labour without the aid of pain medication.
Sarah-Jane helped me labour at home until it was the right time to go to the hospital. With her patience, caring and expertise, she and my husband provided a supportive and secure environment. She was a calming presence and utilized various methods to ensure I was as comfortable as possible. I never felt pressured at any time to do something I was not comfortable with. Having her present during my labour at home and birth at the hospital helped me get through the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life. She continues to be a resource and I it brings me great comfort to know she is available should I have any concerns or questions.
We can’t imagine having done this without her, and we recommend to all our friends that are having or will have babies that they utilize the services of a doula.”
- Tracy Urquhart

“2000 words isn’t enough space to describe how thrilled we are with our experience with Sarah-Jane.  Simply put, it was amazing.  She was 100% there to support my husband and I prior to our delivery, during our delivery and in the weeks after our daughter was born.  Her comfort techniques during labour helped get me through a very fast and intense labour intervention free.  She worked with my husband so well, supporting him as well, gently guiding him in ways he could help support me.  She also allowed us to vent and guided us through a much needed conversation at about 7 months.  We were extremely stressed out and she helped get us through this phase so that we could enjoy the last weeks of being ‘just the 2 of us’. She also created a wonderful prenatal yoga plan for me to help with some back pain, while supporting an old knee injury.  She always made us feel heard and respected and provided us with some comic relief often.  It felt like having a friend over whenever she was here.  I don’t know how our labour would have gone without her help.  We are so grateful for her and think we made a pretty brilliant decision going with SJ.  We had interviewed a number of Doulas and we just clicked with her.  It was important to me to find someone who was open to interventions, drugs, bottles, formula etc as I’m a NICU nurse and have seen the complications that can occur.  SJ was 100% behind us in whatever we decided to do. I was also so impressed with how respectful she was of the medical staff’s space.  She never got in their way or tried to stop them from doing their job.  I know our LDR RN was extremely impressed with her and truly enjoyed working with her as well.  I would recommend SJ to my loved ones in a heartbeat and I hope that our family gets the chance to work with her again.  She is a peaceful presence who exudes love, happiness, and joy. Thank you SJ!”
- Erin Smith

“It is very challenging for me to express in a few short words the impact SJ had on my birth experience with my second child. I met Sarah-Jane towards the end of my pregnancy, feeling a combination of terror and detachment about my approaching due date. SJ helped me to identify the roots of these emotions and gave me tools to work through them so I could move forward in my pregancy feeling calm and empowered. When labour began, SJ was there for me immediately and her presence and skills, both emotional and practical, made me feel incredibly taken care of. Through every single contraction, and all the moments in between, Sarah-Jane was there with encouraging words and strong hands, doing exactly what I needed without me really having to direct her in any way. Looking back on my labour and the delivery of my beautiful baby girl, I can honestly say it was exactly what I dreamed birth could be. Thank you, Sarah-Jane, you are truly meant to have this role in families lives and I am so grateful to have found you!”
- Morgan Evans Bley

“Sarah-Jane, I cannot tell you how much it meant to me to have you be a part of Elizabeth’s birth. It really would not have gone as smoothly if you hadn’t been there. Thank you so much for your support, you really were a comfort to me.”
- Claire Sullivan

“Having Sarah-Jane beside me during labour/delivery was a blessing. While my husband was next to me biting his nails and panic stricken (in his supportive way), Sarah-Jane was there to remind me to focus, to tune out what was going on around me (doctors and nurses consulting this and that) and to BREATHE. At no moment did Sarah-Jane exhibit any sense of alarm to the possible complications arising, she focused on ME and the space I was in. I was honoured to have her by my side and extremely thankful for her coaching which, in the end, lead to the birth of a healthy baby boy.”
- Niki Marshall