RE: Loving you is the Right Thing to do

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August 9th , 2011

Dear little one,

Well, since I last wrote you I had the pleasure of hearing your heartbeat and seeing you on an ultrasound screen at 10.5 weeks of age. Though you looked to only be the size of a potato you’re little heart flickered like a flame in your chest and made me smile. I read that at around your age you start twitching and moving but you you didn’t move very much. I asked the ultrasound technician if you were too young to move and she said sometimes babies your age just stay still. Right at that very moment you bounced right up, as high as you can go and you started moving your almost non existent little limbs. It was almost like you wanted mummy to know you were alive and well. I was so happy I cried and daddy squeezed my hand because he was so happy too.

Dad thinks you are a boy, I’m not sure what you are but every day that passes I love you more and more. I have decided to have a midwife deliver you. Deep down mummy would like to be a midwife too so she is glad that one will be looking after you and I. When mummy was little she wanted to be a doctor, a dancer, a singer or a firefighter. I wonder what you will be.

Mummy’s tummy is very tiny, it’s almost like you are not there. I told my midwife sometimes I don’t even feel you are inside me. So, the midwife put a little Doppler on my tummy and we heard your heart just beating away, you’re heart beats at a rate of about 140 BPM. I sometimes can’t believe that mum and dad made you all by ourselves and that now you have a heart rate. If you are a boy we are thinking of naming you Joel (Mommy’s favorite singer from her home town of Nova Scotia is named Joel), Simon ( Because your Grammy Sullivan wanted to name her son Simon but she never had one), Peter ( Peter is your grandpa’s name) . If you are a girl your name might be Evelyn ( You had a great great aunty named Evelyn, or Ev for short), Ina or Ena ( you also had a great great aunty named Ena from Whales), Lily-Jayne ( cause it’s cute and a double name like mine), Anais ( which means sweet smelling), or Ama ( That was mummy’s given name when she lived and worked in Africa). Hello sweet baby. You are now about 5.5 inches in length and I love the business of growing you.

The other morning I got out of bed and daddy said ” wow, you really are pregnant”. I have finally “popped” which means people finally look at me and know that you are inside me growing. This makes me so happy. We have been thinking about what we might name you again. We are now thinking if you are a girl we will call you Ina-May Evelyn and if you are a boy your name might be Simon, Joel, Peter (after your grampie)or Sidney.
Daddy also asked Mommy to marry her. We were at a beautiful beach over on Tofino Island in Bc. YOur daddy placed mommy’s grandmother’s diamond engagement ring in some seaweed. When I found the ring he got down on one ring and said. ” Sarah-Jane, I have loved our time we’re ve had together so far, and I am so happy that you will be the mother of my child- now will you marry me or not?” Just joking on the last part. I said yes and when we get married we’ll most likely carry you down the aisle in a little basket.

Your grammy Sullivan is so excited that you’ll be born. I bought grammy a pair of Amythyst earrings as that will be your birthstone when you are born. We’re going to Halifax to see her, your grampie, your aunts and uncle Josh in just a couple of weeks.

Before we fly to Nova Scotia mommy’s midwife checked her blood pressure and said everything looks fine. Your heartbeat sounds perfect too!

The other night I had a dream you were a little boy. Whether you are a boy or a girl doesn’t matter to me but I can’t wait to get to the bottom of that dream.

Now- onto how I look after you already.

Mommy is thinking of eating vegetarian for the rest of the pregnancy. I have learned that I can still give you all the nutrients you need without eating meat products. I cook lots of live and healthy foods for you. You seem to like them as you flutter after I finish eating.

Your daddy always buys chocolate cookies and sweets that tempt me but for the most part I ram some down my throat and pretend they’re chocolate and peanut butter balls of yummy.

Finally, I have been reading to you. Maybe when you read this you’ll remember me reading it to you. I read Roald Dahl’s “Vicar of Nibbliswicke” Your daddy laughed the whole way through. When I go back to Nova Scotia I will get you some more books and read them to you.

We love you very much.


P.S- We now think that if you are a girl we will call you Ena-May Evelyn. Or Ina-May. You choose ☺

2 thoughts on “RE: Loving you is the Right Thing to do”

  1. Ash says:

    Dear Baby Schuler,

    This is your Auntie Ashley. I too love you very much already :). I just want you to know how lucky you are to have my sister as your Mommy. She is so strong but yet so unbelievably caring and nuturing.

    I live in Nova Scotia so I have to wait until you are 5 or 6 months old until I get to meet you :( I am very excited nonetheless! You are going to be beautiful like your Mommy and Daddy. See you in the summer little one!

    Auntie Ashley

  2. I love this message Smash.

    Reading it reminds me that you’re gonna be an amazing Auntie and Mama.

    Love, SJ

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