Re: Akwaaba

“Akwaaba” a man in a security uniform whispers as I make my way up a catwalk of Red, green and stars. I have arrived at the Ghana airport and it’s rife with World Cup decor. As you walk across the air field you can see the green football turf that you’ll walk up as you enter the airport- on either side of the turf are Ghanaian flags draped ornately along the walls with cut outs of soccer players on either side of you. Sadly, I am not walking into a Ghanaian airport full of celebrations, Ghana lost their World Cup game against Uruguay, though, I feel they were the better team.

We’ve not slept in a couple days and as I turn to look at Jessica, one of my comrades, I rub my eyes, she looks beaten in her pupils too, but absolutely elated to be in Africa. I am instantly in love with the smooothe black skin of the bodies around me- I see so much color in the dress as well and am already wondering if I could rock a traditional Ghanaian dress the same way the goddess next to me can . I can’t imagine how there could be any human rights issues embedded in the rich tapestry I see in front of me. But I for the moment I’m star struck and I know this country has many lessons planned for me. Tilapia is the first one. This is a fish that lands on your plate, fully entacked and just waiting for it’s eyeballs to be plucked out and eaten, who do you think was the first one to scarf an eyeball down? You guessed it. Welcome to Africa !

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