philosophy of care

My rudimentary philosophy regarding birth is “don’t fluff it up and decorate it too much,” I feel the less overthinking we do and the less interfering (in the birth part) the better. I was once told “Your instincts make you the expert” I think North America would excel as a culture if we honored the emotional and physical aspects of giving birth in order to make space for it to just happen and evolve. After the birth parents should be given the space to learn their baby, follow their instincts but utilize me, or other help they want in the picture if they desire that extra little consistent family hand. We, as a culture mess with the natural process of pregnancy and childbirth, we crowd it out with theories, right and wrongs and label births “All natural” or “drugged up,” not leaving a lot of space for those “hybrid” births that can sit right in the middle. Once we step away from all things clinical we as parents and labor support people can see birth as a normal and human function that is best not fiddled with.  Saying that, we know there is a place for medical intervention on a case-by-case basis and as a birth worker it is my job to make sure you know why a medical intervention needs to take place ( if at all). I implore you to use your voice as the parents to ask and determine why an intervention may or may not need to happen. There are so many different  ways of having babies these days and sometimes you just need a support person that gets you and is going to love you Sarah-Jane Steele is a doula in Victora B.C. providing labour servicesthrough the whole thing. A doula is here to offer well founded research to you so you can make your own decisions for birther, baby and the family.

It’s taken five years as a doula to be able to really determine what my philosophy of care is.

The name “Birthspace” came from my desire to help babies be happy in their inside as well as their outside birth space,  to help birthers feel confident physically in their body birth space, and to provide unconditional support  in the labor  and birth space.

how do you know I am the right support person for you?

You should feel comfortable with me,. You should feel that my outlook on  pregnancy, labor and birth is similar or in line enough with yours that you can feel confident coming to me with your questions, concerns or approaches to your labor or infant parenting.

The attributes that typify this doula:  Integrity, dedication, intuition, love, caring, strength and compassion for every woman, baby (babies) and family that finds me.

I invite you to contact me for a free initial interview to discover if we are a good match for your birth. I have an ardent ( good word, I know) desire to provide support to you in a way that respects your own vision of this birth.  You can also get to know me by following me on Facebook or my Blog.