Lavender Infused Honey


I promised myself I would only post foods for the pregnant woman’s baby-growing body. Lavender infused honey it not exactly that.

  1. The jury is still out on this but lavender is said to be harmful in the first trimester of pregnancy. It’s been written that it can cause miscarriage and is to be avoided. But, I have spoken with naturopaths and herbalists and nothing particulary conclusive says this is fact. Still, you may consider this before using lavender.
  2. Just make sure the honey you cook with is pasteurized. Anything not pasteurized does carry some bacteria and organisms that could be harmful to your baby. I thought this was worth mentioning.

Still, homemade lavender infused honey is a great gift, a great add to some balsamic and figs ( that recipe will follow) and it sounds more complicated than it actually is to make.

I followed Rebar’s directions. In early 2013 I made a pact, mostly with myself that I would cook every recipe in the Rebar cookbook within two years ( I didn’t set an insane goal like the lady in the film “Julia and Julia” and aim to do this in a year. Rebar’s cookbook is like gourmet for vegans…..I needed more time to hone my cooking skills.

Here tis’ ( This is dedicated to Daphne in Montreal :) )

Lavender Infused Honey

You need:

  • 1 cup (240 ml) Honey
  • 1 tbsp (15ml) dried lavender blossoms ( You can actually get these from a florist and at some swanky markets and they should only cost you about 50 cents…don’t let them pick pocket you!)
  • or you can also use 2 tbsp( 30ml) fresh lavender

* Reebar doesn’t tell you this till you’re almost done the recipe but make sure you make this in the morning if you’re planning to serve it in the evening, it needs to infuse for a few hours). Also, have a mesh strainer on hand ( the little wire ones with the teeny spaces).

  • Heat the honey in a small little baby pot over low heat until it turns to liquid ( keep pot handles turned in so little ones don’t grab).
  • Add lavender and continue to heat gently for ten minutes ( you don’t need to watch the pot just put the burner on “gentle” Aka low setting and put the timer on and go back to what you were doing).
  • Remove from heat and allow the honey to infuse for a few hours.
  • Reheat the honey to liquid and strain out the flower blossoms.
  • I used the sticky flower blossoms to adorn the plate of salad I made….you could also just I don’t know, CHUCK THEM OUT.
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