Birth pool rentals

My waterbirths offered me a sense of weightlessness and pain relief.

My waterbirths offered me a sense of weightlessness and pain relief.

My pools are the  La Bassine Maxi Professional Pools and Professional Regular Pool which is smaller and has handles on the inside.  They are made from environmentally friendly Eco Vinyl eco materials which is safe for you, your partner and baby even when heated. They’re both comfortable and no extra padding is required.  La Bassine Birth Pools provide the perfect calm and safe environment to help you through your labor and birth. Being calm and feeling weightless is an important part of helping your labor progress well and comfortably as is possible.

$230 ($50 deposit to hold)

  • all fees are due at drop off- a $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve. This comes off the final balance.
  • Please be aware that a minimum $40 cleaning fee will be deducted if the pool is returned dirty and/or damp.  The pool MUST be returned in its original condition to receive a full refund ( You don’t have to clean the pools, I do that once they’re returned but I’m talking dirt, and damp…this can ruin the pools)

When & Where:

I will drop off the pool when you are 37 weeks . Most places charge an additional fee for pickup etc but I roll this into the rental fee with the exception of anywhere outside Victoria. There is a ten dollar fee for Langford, North Saanich etc.

la-bassine-maxi-professional-birth-pool-in-use-3-510x545Why Rent Instead of Buy?

  • Eco friendly to use a re-usable professional pool with a liner, rather than a disposable one time use pool
  • A more durable, comfortable pool
  • The cost of the  submersible water pump to drain the pool is included in your rental cost, but not something you may be factoring into the cost of buying a disposable one time use pool
  • No worry about storing or trying to re-sell your pool when you have finished!  

What’s included in the rental:

  • The La Bassine Pool (and lid)
  • A disposable liner
  • An air pump to inflate the pool
  • A submersible pump to drain the pool
  • A floating thermometer
  • A universal tap adaptor
  • A drinking water hose which is what is required for birthpool fill up (25 feet)

Designed by People who know

The La Bassine Birth Pool has been designed with needs of the expectant birther, baby and midwife in mind. It’s the strongest inflatable birth pool available for home use.

A Little Deeper!

To achieve buoyancy in water and allow easy movement between positions, 21″ of water depth is required. We know you will want to move around and assume positions which bring your body out of the water. To aid this La Bassine have made the Birth Pool a little deeper so that your waist can stay in the water even when you want to lean over the pool. This is perfect for a birth position where it is important to keep your pelvis in the water.

The four handles provide assistance in ALL birth Positions

The La Bassine Birth Pool has four handles that are optimally placed to assist in all birth positions. The two on top allow backward leaning, squatting and pushing positions while allowing the midwife to get closer to the expectant mother if needed. The two on the sides provide assistance in forward leaning and bracing. The internal handles provide assistance in moving from one position to another, reclining and forward leaning.

The vertical anti-deflate beams

Birth Pool’s have unique beams that will deflate very slowly and equally, in the unlikely event of a puncture. This gives the birther plenty of time to exit the pool safely and the water to be removed before any spillage occurs.

The top deflation ring

The top ring is inflated and deflated in seconds to allow easier access to the pool if required.

Pool Specifications La Bassine Maxi:

Looking for a larger birth pool so partner’s can join and/or for taller birthers?  This Cocoon-esque water den is the ideal pool!

  • Four solid internal handles, Pool liner fits over the handles perfectly placed, exactly where you need them! Use to assist in position changes, or to grab on to while you push.
  • Deep, inflated floor, to give the extra comfort needed during active birth positions such as kneeling and squatting.
  • Transparent sides, to give midwives good visibility from outside the pool.
  • Perfect water depth that fully covers your belly without being too deep that you feel insecure.
  • TWO TOP HANDLES for assistance when getting in and out of the pool.
  • THE MAXI POOL has three separate chambers! If one chamber were punctured, water would be retained by the other two.
  • Eco-Friendly Vinyl – Highly durable vinyl that does not contain any phthalates, lead or cadmium so often used in plastic production.

Specifications for La Bassine Maxi

Shape Cocoon
Handles Pair of handles on top – four handles inside
Colour Purple
Pool Material 0.60mm Thick Eco-Vinyl
Inflated floor 7.5cm (3”)
External length 191cm (75”)
External width 164cm (65”)
External height 71cm (28”)
Internal length 145cm (57”)
Internal width 118cm (46”)
Internal depth 63cm  (25”)
Rim width 23cm (10”)
Water Capacity 625 litres at 80% full
Weight when empty 16lbs

Tried and Tested!

  • dsc_0396-e1458647027959 La Bassine Professional Birthpools are the highest rated on the market. They are professional grade and made for birth!
  • Carbon Neutral – Made in Water Ltd has made a donation to the World Land Trust Carbon Balanced Fund to offset the carbon footprint incurred producing and shipping La Bassine. In fact, I even went and picked up my La Bassine pools rather than having them shipped!
  • Ethically manufactured – La Bassine manufacturers are independently audited to ensure safe and fair employment practice, also Quality and Durability – Made with Super-Strong Vinyl (0.45mm thickness), each birthing pool is factory tested to ensure that it has no defects.


Pool Specifications for La Bassine Regular


Shape: Handles: Colour: ThicknessPool Material: 

Inflated floor: 

External length: 

External width: 

External height: 

Internal length: 

Internal width: 

Internal depth: 

Rim width: 

Water Capacity: 

Weight when empty: 

CocoonPair of Internal handlesDeep purple0.45mm ThickEco-Vinyl

7.5cm (3”)

165cm (65”)

135cm (53”)

76cm (30”)

125cm (50”)

95cm (38”)

65cm (26”)

20cm (8”)

118 gallons