Things I learned to appreciate in August

  • That cold water really is in fact better for one’s hair
  • I like using hair care products for black hair. It’s so olive oily and divine smelling
  • I like the feeling of leave in conditioner and the smell of clean hair so much more after 4 days in the bush
  • I will never take a toilet for granted again
  • Let me reiterate, cold showers are really not that bad…
  • I love salads. But rice, was a completely overlooked food in my diet and it is A-ok
  • That you can cook a lot of things stove top…with a gas stove. These include- baked beans in a can from the expat store, chocolate to make chocolate macaroons (they stand the test of time those things…. they could be made over an open fire….god bless them), rice….rice…..also rice….it cooks rice good.
  • Learning how to cook foreign food has always been, and will remain one of my favorite things to do. The richness of inviting a Ghanaian to your home to teach you how to cook white beans ever so precisely and cutting onions with such care you want to take a picture of their goodness.
  • The sound of children singing in Ga ( local language) at 5:30am in your window and saying ‘ Aunty Sara How are you?’ will never leave my soul.
  • How everyone says ‘morning’ when it’s morning, ‘afta-noon’ when it’s afternoon and ‘evening’ when it’s evening to you. Even if they are straight faced and look like they want to kick your teeth in they say it…..I receive it.
  • Herculean sized cockroaches…yes even them I appreciate. They scuttle the way god intended them too. I love their freedom of movement and how the fact that they are so large make them intimidating, they know they’re intimidating, and …unless I flip them on their backs, they are un-stoppable.
  • Most of all…..I learned in August that even in the dankness of a dark story….there are things, moments and feelings to appreciate. Like the sound of someone’s voice that is far off in Canada saying ‘I love you’ when you’ve spent a day peeing in palm leaves and being laughed out of a refugee camp.

That’s August.

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